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When should I consider seeking nutrition services?

If you are interested in learning how to improve your nutrition in order to be healthier, prevent disease, enhance body tone, lose/gain weight, or have any other nutrition related concerns such as diabetes, irritable bowel, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. then seeking the assistance of a nutritionist can be helpful.

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What should I expect when I meet with a nutritionist?

At your initial appointment you will complete an intake form which asks questions about your nutrition concerns, your current food intake and exercise patterns, and your medications. The nutritionist will then discuss your weight, diet, and medical history as well as help you set behavior change goals geared towards improving your nutrition and overall health. You will meet with the nutritionist for follow up as needed for ongoing instruction, encouragement, support, and accountability of behavior change goals.

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To schedule a nutrition appointment, please call 850-644-8871.

For more information about healthy eating, eating disorders or body image:

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What do FSU students say about Nutrition Service?



BS in Political Science Minor in European History

At the time of my admission to FSU in 2011, I weighed 210 pounds.  This was the heaviest I had ever been in my entire life. I went to Thagard Student Health Center (currently University Health Services) to see a clinician and was advised to see a nutritionist to help me get my weight under control. At the time I was overeating in response to emotional stress. 

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BS in Criminology Pursuing a second Bachelor's degree in Finance

“Three years ago, when I tipped the scales at three hundred pounds, I realized that it was crucial for me to start changing my behaviors. So, I established goals for myself that would help me achieve weight loss and optimal health. I thought all I needed to do was eat healthy and work out. I said to myself, "I know how to work out, but I don't know how to eat healthy." So, I sought help from the nutritionist at University Health Services.“

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Alumna of FSU, Exercise Science

"I decided to do something about my weight when I was up to a size 18/20. I exercised and lost weight, yet promptly regained the weight. I was interested in getting back into longboarding - a sport that I am passionate about – yet I realized I was too big. So, I became serious and diligent in my exercise regimen. I lost weight, but then hit a plateau. It was then I decided to consult with a nutritionist at University Health Services. She helped me establish a positive, healthy relationship with food, and learn how to balance my food choices.“

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Post Doctorate Associate in Physics at the Magnet Lab

“My doctor instructed me to improve my eating and exercise patterns to control my blood pressure, improve my cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels, improve my sleep apnea, and ultimately prevent future disease. She referred me to a nutritionist to assist me. I initially assumed the weight loss process would be quick and easy. I was sure my weight – and hence my blood pressure - would quickly drop as a result of cutting calories. Yet, neither my weight nor my blood pressure improved as I had expected.“

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Master’s in Social Work, Graduated 2011

"When I moved five hours away from family and friends to pursue my graduate degree I was far from the people I love and it was difficult; but, I tried to view it in a positive light - as an opportunity for me to make personal changes. I wanted to start by improving my body because I wasn’t happy with the way I looked or felt. Additionally, I was borderline diabetic, on medication for high blood pressure, and had polycystic ovarian syndrome.“

These health problems were not at all what I would have expected to deal with at the age of twenty-eight. However, I was overweight and understood my poor health was a result of not treating my body well. The consequences of poor eating habits - frequent intake of ‘comfort food’ to sooth my negative emotions and overindulging at restaurants with friends, though fun - was threatening my health. I realized at that point that I needed help, so I sought support from a nutritionist at University Health Services.

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