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Sexual Health

Sexual Health Consultation

A sexual health consultation provides a safe, confidential space for you to ask questions about your sexual health. Receive information on:

The Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness provides free and confidential rapid HIV testing through certified counselors. All it takes is a finger prick and about 20 minutes of your time to receive your results. Call us at 644-8871 to schedule an appointment.

Safer sex supplies


FREE condoms are available in the fourth floor of the HWC during our normal operating hours to all students and staff. Additional locations on campus and in the community can be found here. We offer over 10 types of external condoms from Trojans and latex free Lifestyles, to glow in the dark, internal condoms, and dental dams.

Request for safer sex supplies

FSU student organizations may request a bulk of 50 condoms for specific events and initiatives. Please visit the Center for Health Advocacy and Wellness office located on the 4th floor of University Health Services for more information.

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